At Onya we pride ourselves on delivering quality mechanical services and repairs. Local to Canberra our bike mechanics have over 15 years’ experience working on all types of bikes, including: road, touring, mountain (hardtail and dual suspension), eBike, commuter and TT. There’s no bike we can’t fix.

If you would like to book a service or repair, call the Onya team on (02) 6253 2149.

Note: We encourage our customers to book approximately two weeks in advance so we can service your ride at a time which suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We are always here to help. If you’re unsure about your bike, or want to learn more, please contact the Onya team.

Why should you professionally service your bike?

Professional servicing brings back the ‘new bike’ feel and keeps your ride operating at its best. Our mechanics know every detail about each component of your bike. Therefore, we can repair or maintain it to manufacturers standards. Overtime, regular professional servicing will ensure your ride is safe, functions optimally and doesn’t wear unnecessarily.

How often should I service my bike?

All bikes are different. Some needing servicing more frequently, while others can wait a little longer. We’ve put together the below guide which outlines when services are due. 

Bike Type

Recommended Service


12 months or 5,000kms


12 months or 5,000kms


12 months or 100 hours

Dual suspension

12 months or 100 hours


6 months or 2,000kms


12 months or 5,000kms


12 months

Single speed / kids

12 months